How to Integrate GoTo Meeting With ProProfs Chat


GoTo Meeting is a paid screen-sharing tool for chat operators to assist & guide customers more effectively, thus reducing help tickets. Integrating Goto Meeting with ProProfs Chat lets you easily share your screen, allowing the chat operator and customer to connect seamlessly. You will need a Client ID and Client Secret from your GoTo Meeting account to integrate into ProProfs Chat.


Here is how a GoTo Meeting option will appear in the following:


Operator chat window


operator chat window


Visitor Chat Window


visitor chat window


Enabling screen sharing via Goto Meeting in ProProfs Chat lets you:


  • Share specific content from multiple screen options 

  • Record meet session & download it for future reference

  • View transcripts in auto-scroll or manual mode

  • Pause & resume screen sharing for enhanced privacy 


NOTE: The benefits mentioned above are accessible only under the paid plan.


In this article, you will learn:


1. How to Set up Your Account in GoTo Meeting

2. How to Integrate GoTo Meeting with ProProfs Chat


How to Set up an Account in Goto Meeting


Step 1: Sign up in your GoTo Meeting Account. 


sign up to goto meet accoount


Step 2: Fill in the required form field and click Sign Up.


Step 3: Verify your account using the code sent to your registered email.


Once your account is successfully verified, you will be redirected to create  OAuth client


Step 4: Click “Create a Client.” 


create o auth client


Step 5: Enter the Client name &Description in their respective fields, and in the Redirect URLs field, paste the following URL: Once you're done, click Next.


enter client details for o auth client


Step 6:  Select the client scope(s) and click Save.


 select client scopes


Once you save the preferences, you will get the Client ID and Client Secret.  


Step 7:  Copy the Client ID and Client Secret. Click Done.


Copy client id and client secret


Your GoTo account is now ready for integration with the chat application.


How to Integrate GoTo Meeting with ProProfs Chat  


Step 1: In your ProProfs Chat dashboard, navigate to Settings > Advanced > Screen Sharing. Enable “GoTo Meeting” using the toggle button.


screen sharing settings in proprofs chat


Step 2: Click >. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret and finally, Save the credentials. 


Paste the Client ID and Secret Key


GoTo Meeting will be successfully integrated with ProProfs Chat. 


NOTE: When the chat operator selects the GoTo Meet link for the first time, it asks the chat operator to login into the GoTo account. 


Login for sharing goto meet link


That is all about integrating GoTo Meeting with ProProfs Chat.



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