How to Integrate Google Meet with ProProfs Chat


ProProfs Live Chat offers you the screen sharing option via Google Meet during the ongoing chat to guide the customers in resolving the issues. This screen-sharing option becomes very handy for the chat operator and the customer when explaining a specific feature or troubleshooting issues.


NOTE: The screen can be shared only by the Chat operator.


Here is how Google Meet works in ProProfs Chat:


Suppose a customer raises a request for a product installation process in the chat window. In response, the Chat Operator will send the Google Meet link to the customer and




guide the customer by sharing the screen for a better understanding.




In this article, you will learn:


1. Enabling Screen Sharing in ProProfs Chat

2. Sharing Your Screen via Google Meet


How to Enable Screen Sharing in ProProfs Chat via Google Meet


Step 1: In your ProProfs chat account, go to Settings in the navigation menu.


Step 2: In the sidebar, go to Advanced >  Screen Sharing.




Step 3: Enable the Google Meet feature using the toggle button in the Screen Sharing settings.




Screen Sharing will get activated on ProProfs Chat.


How to Share a Screen in ProProfs Chat using Google Meet


Step 1: In the Chat window, click the dropdown and select Google Meet.




Step 2:  Google Meet link will be sent to the customer.




NOTE: If you're sending the Google Meet link for the first time, ProProfs Chat will take permission to access your Google Calendar account. However, you can remove your account access when you are no longer using it. See how you can remove third-party account access from Google Calendar.


This is how the Google Meet link will appear in the customer chat window:




That is all about Screen Sharing in ProProfs Chat.




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